Institute of Mediterranean Viticulture

Improving knowledge in ecological viticulture


To receive the best grapes from the vine, it is neccessary to provide the best growth conditions. In viticulture no two years are the same, every year the meterorological conditions are different. For this reason, our work techniques should be adapted to the current vine situation.

The year 2014 is being distinguished by a strong drought. According to the forecast, it will cause serius damage on the crop. In order to face this problem, we have adapted the leaf surface of the plants in five different ways, considering data of sun exposition, leaf transpiration, bunch ventilation, etc. The objective followed is to identify the more appropriate canopy treatment for high drought conditions.

Once we have analyzed the effects of the canopy treatment on the quality of the grapes and fruit ripering, we will carry out five microvinifications in orter to observe the result on the wine.