Institute of Mediterranean Viticulture

Improving knowledge in ecological viticulture


This project came about to improve knowledge in ecological viticulture in our environment.

With Bodegas Enguera moving into ecological cultivation, our concern was to adapt our way of working and become familiar with our environment and its evolution, taking into account the changes that would take place in our cultural practices.

This analysis enables us to research how to improve production and, at the same time, which techniques are the most respectful towards our environment and the living beings that inhabit it. Nature and our environment provide a lot of possibilities to make good wines; we just need to listen carefully to them. For us, ecological viticulture is the best tool for achieving these ends, but certain practices need empirical analyses and scientific explanations.

From this point of view, Bodegas Enguera has accepted this challenge by creating a not-for-profit research institute that develops ecological viticulture projects that can be consulted publically, thereby increasing knowledge of wine cultivation in the Mediterranean environment.

The results we have obtained are available free of charge. An article summarising the purpose of each piece of research can be seen, along with the method applied and the results obtained, and a conclusion provides clarification in light of that obtained in the field and through statistical studies.